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This is YOUR space! — February 26, 2015

This is YOUR space!

CCVTBlogs is here to help everyone in the CCVT community share, learn, and connect online! We’re looking forward to filling this page with great posts from our contributors — if you wish to contribute, check out our Contribution Guidelines page or submit your questions to

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My hope and goals for the future! — May 29, 2015

My hope and goals for the future!

I hope to make my family proud of me and enter into George Brown College to pursue a Career as a Heath Information Technician. I also wish to work hard and prove to myself that I am capable of so much. Working with people has always been my goal and passion. After my studies, I can go on working at the hospital or private sectors within the health care industry,   something I believe I was born to do. I can finally say, that in order for you to achieve your goals and have a brighther future, you must learn never to give up.

Vanda Ndapewa

My advice to a new comer — May 22, 2015

My advice to a new comer

Leaving your native country is the most difficult decision in life. Immigrants leave their country for different reasons. When they immigrate to a new country, they will face many problems. It is very hard for them to integrate into a new society that have different culture, customs, and religious values. I would recommend immigrants to come to Toronto. It is a multi-cultural city. You feel like back home, because you will find easily people from your own community. Toronto has very good education, health care and social assistance for new comers. I think it has the best hospitals and doctors in the world. New immigrants should take advantage of this. It is very important to study English very well in order to communicate with Canadians and helps to understand the life style of Canada. Besides that, being open minded and flexible will help you to know and understand the vales of other communities. Then you can live with respect and have mutual understanding with them. There are many organizations that can help you to integrate in to Canadian society. I will recommend our organization CCVT as the best place for new comers to get the necessary assistance and information.